The Time has Come!

Hi Folks,

Well, the time has come to start posting some tips, tricks and advice when it comes to dealing with a designer, setting a budget for your project , social media marketing, graphic design concepts, general marketing, and finding the right solution for creating, upgrading or integrating your website.


I will also be collaborating with another web & graphic designer in my city for this blog section.

Why join forces with someone who seemingly would be my competition? Well, because he & I both understand that:

  1. We are not competition to each other

    • One of us works on the National level and the other works on the Regional level.

  2. To be strong as an individual company, collaboration becomes a strength by cross-promoting our design & marketing businesses as a united front in our industry.

  3. It’ll just be FUN!

  4. But most importantly, we are both focused on improving our industry by bringing our skills and strengths to the table that will help create balance for our own businesses.

    • “Collaboration is a partnership, which is based upon a relationship formed from sharing a mindset and passion for improving an industry for the better. It’s about accepting that sometimes, one organisation on its own doesn’t have all the answers and that help, even from competition, is going to have benefits for all involved.” (

More to come VERY SOON!