Social Media

Whether you view Social Media as a friend or foe, it is a necessary "evil" in today's marketing strategy.  Without active participation in social media, your business will get lost in the crowd. 

CW Consulting Service has over 15 years experience in all aspects of Social Media Marketing. 



Creating a polished, professional and effective Facebook page is invaluable for today's businesses.  Not only is Facebook an amazing marketing tool that allows you to reach an organic market without cost, but it also allows you a simple way to to be found by potential clients/customers as a search engine.  CW Consulting Service can create and/or consolidate existing Facebook pages, verify and create solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will help draw future business to your Page.


Integration of other social media

The benefits of Instagram & Twitter is the ability to seamlessly post photo's and messages to your clients/customers who follow you that will integrate from one Social Media platform to another.