Website Design

The old adage "you never get a second chance to make a good first impression" is just as true as ever!

Living in our technology based age, often the first impression of your business to future clients is your website.  I believe without question that a simple, functional, and professional website that captures the very essence and personality of your business or organization will set you apart from your competitors!

Not only will it set you apart, but it will also attract those positive connections with clients that will ultimately help your business grow to the next level!


  • Over 62% of all first time website traffic is accessed by phones and tablets?  This number will only continue to grow, and if your website is not functional on these devices, your business/organization will lose out on potential growth.


The first step in building a functional website that will maintain continuity, whether viewed on a PC, Tablet or Phone, is the platform on which it built. 

CW Consulting Service uses an extremely stable platform that transitions seamlessly on whatever device is used to access your website.  Not only is it mobile friendly, but your website is also backed up every 24 hours ensuring that your product is safe & secure.

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There are a plethora of self design website templates out there... unfortunately, because of their limited functionality, the potential for your website to look like every other website using the same template becomes almost certain. 

CW Consulting Service takes a little different approach... like an interior designer who takes a few personal items from a client to design an entire room; I take a similar approach and design an entire website on the feel of your logo, business office, and leadership style. 



My Grandmother used to say "Everything has its place and there is a place for everything!"

Every website should be organized in such a way that is simple enough for the "technologically challenged" to navigate, yet innovative enough to draw in those who like more bells and whistles.

CW Consulting Service will make this happen for you.